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Who are we?

Place sign is an application and website that provides an advertisement service for various services over the Internet, and allows users to display their services for their various commercial activities through the Internet for free. It is such as an intermediary between the advertiser of the service and the user of the service and also provides various services to the advertiser and the beneficiaries of the service through the website and the application.



The importance of place sign site and application for the advertiser of the service is the possibility of reaching a larger audience by displaying free advertisements to sell the service that he wants to sell in various commercial activities over the Internet.


The recipient of the service:

As for the recipient of the service, he can easily find a variety of services for various commercial activities with the ability to write reviews of the service.




Parent Company:

Place sign website and application is implemented and managed by Massive E-business Technology LTD Company.

It is a digital agency that provides many smart digital solutions which are important for e-business and various activities over the Internet

Such as mobile app development, website development, full digital marketing services as well as social media management and more.

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