Privacy Policy



Privacy Policy

Publish on 23th of March 2021

NO. 0.1.1


Privacy policy:

The data we collect about you:

We collect data about you by registering in Place sign app and website:

If you use a Google account, we collect your first and second name and your email address.

If you use Facebook, we collect your first and second name as it appears to us and find out your gender, age and e-mail.

In the case of registering by phone number: We collect the phone number and information about the device from the operating system, network type and your geographical location through the permissions of the device, as we use various techniques to determine your location.

You can choose which personal information to register with your name, email address, phone, and credit card details.

Registration and account:

Registration is not allowed for the age under 18 years old. The person must be an adult and capable, aware of all the legal terms and conditions, as well as, qualified to act and agree to all the conditions since Place sign app and website is not intended for children.

If you are under than 18 years old, you must send your data confirmation and the data of the legal guardian so that you can use the application.

You can register to create an account on Place sign app and website, according to the terms and conditions.

Make sure that the data and information provided for registration are correct, so that you do not face a problem.

When entering the site you are required to type email / username / password.

In that case, you must keep the password and do not share it anywhere, and incase that you share it, you are responsible.

You can communicate through the chat service:

You can use the chat service for inquiries, as well as at the buying and selling process through it and communicating with other users.

You can also use it to help you avoid cases of fraud by not responding to any message outside the scope of the service.



Communication and Marketing:

You will receive marketing communications from us if you request information about it or create an advertisement or place it as your interest

We may contact you by e-mail, and if you do not want to communicate, you can cancel this service by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the e-mail or by communicating with us.

Customer and registration data:

We can specify the geographic location, time, operating system, date of registration, date of last password change plus date of last registration.


In order to provide you with a trustworthy and reliable platform

We use phone number, login data, network and device information to manage and maintain our platform.

Online activity data:

We collect all data about the time you log in, searches, ads, interests, and how long you stayed on the site.



Why do we process your personal information?

Because we use it in exceptional cases that are required from us by law, as in the case of contracts upon implementation or agreement.

In that case, we send you that we are using your personal information as we use your email address and phone number to make suggestions and recommendations for you about our services.

Your rights:

You have all rights to know your personal information that we hold, furthermore, you have the right to request to see it and also to amend it, as well as, we have the right to verify it first.

We will try to respond to all clients within a maximum period of two weeks, and in the event that your request is complicated, it may take more time

Where do we store the data?

We can take your data, save it and protect it if it is necessary, as we can store and collect it inside and outside Egypt to provide the best user experience.

Technical and organizational measures along with protection treatment:

We can store data in secured places to protect your personal data, where Place sign app and website secures and protects its network including its suitability for the information protection program, as-well-as, we guarantee encryption for all data.


For any privacy inquiries, you can email us:



With whom do we share your personal data?

Affiliates: We share your data with Massive E-business Technology Company which owns Place sign app and website to help us in better ways to provide services.


Law enforcement authorities, regulatory agencies, and others:

We may disclose your personal data to law enforcement authorities, regulatory agencies, government or public agencies, and other related third parties to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements.


Publicly available information:

When posting an item for sale using our services, you can choose to make some personal information visible to other Place sign app and website users, and this may include your first name, last name, email address, geographic location, and contact number.

 It should be noted that any information that you provide to other users can always be shared by them with others, so please observe the discretion in this regard.

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